“The lack of water limits us to have a civilized life in the village”

Bădiceni commune has an outdated and defective water supply system. The water tower and the pump always need repairs. Public institutions and only a part of the households of the village are connected to the aqueduct. The water delivered to the citizens, unfortunately, does not meet the standards and is not drinkable. To improve the water quality, it is necessary to clean and deepen the artesian well, arrange an accumulation basin and install a water treatment system.

he community from Bădiceni is an active one, they have implemented several social projects: they have established a local radio station, they have arranged a park in the locality. Recently, they also organized the solid waste collection service in the locality. With the support of a local NGO, litter bins were purchased and distributed to households, who subscribed to the weekly waste collection service.

“We want our children to have access to quality water in school and kindergarten. Children need safe water in taps, they spend half a day at school, and water consumption is vital for the harmonious development of the children. The kindergarten and school canteen has to carry water from 5 km away to prepare the food. The water wells in the village are mostly dry or the water in them is not drinkable. Households are pushed to carry water from long distances. And last summer due to the drought, the citizens of the most affected part of the village associated and organized the delivery of drinkable water by the cistern. The lack of water limits us to have a civilized life in the village: we cannot connect a washing machine, we have to wash by hand; we even carry water for our domestic animals, not to mention the impossibility of ensuring normal hygienic living conditions. We hope that with the implementation of the MĂ IMPLIC project we will have a better service in our locality. We will all get involved in creating a quality service, so that later we can extend the aqueduct, even to the village of Grigoreuca.” said Tatiana Coșciug, member of the project implementation team and community social worker.

In the period 2021-2023, the commune Bădiceni will implement a project aimed to improve the water supply service, with the support of the Project “MĂ IMPLIC”, financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by SKAT Consulting. Following the signed agreement, the LPA will benefit from funding (maximum 65,000 CHF), consulting, and capacity building services. The Project “MĂ IMPLIC” will help the LPA and the service provider not only to improve the infrastructure but also to develop long-term approaches to keep this infrastructure in good shape and to have sustainable models for financing the provision of services. In our work, we will ensure that local citizens, employees of LPAs, NGOs, economic agents are actively involved in modernizing public services in the community and especially that the less advantaged have equal access to these services.