Steering Committee meeting of the project “Mă Implic”.

The Steering Committee of the project “Mă Implic” is convened twice a year and consists of representatives of the State Chancellery of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova, Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Congress of Local Authorities Moldova (CALM), as well as representatives of the project “Mă Implic”.  The second meeting of the Steering Committee in 2020 has on the agenda the approval of the activity plan for the next 12 months and the final selection of LPAs / partner LPA groups, which will benefit from the support of the project “Mă Implic”, following the call announced in July 2020. As a result of evaluating the applications and of the feasibility visits, the Steering Committee will decide and announce the list of pilot projects supported by the “Mă Implic” Project.