The project on civic engagement in local governance “MĂ IMPLIC” aims at ensuring that the rural population of Moldova has equitable access to quality communal service provision. 

At the local level, the project will support LPAs in 30 targeted partner municipalities, to manage service provision in a participatory, effective, inclusive and sustainable way (Outcome1) through:

  • Identifying and satisfying LPAs’ strategic needs in communal service planning, budgeting, and service management (output 1.1),
  • Identifying and satisfying Service Providers’ organizational development needs in effective communal service operation and maintenance (output 1.2),
  • Supporting LPAs and SPs in the implementation of their service improvement and O&M plans through resource mobilization and co-financing (output 1.3)

People – including vulnerable – are more engaged in local decision-making and monitoring of service provision in targeted municipalities (outcome 2) through:

  • Improving local policy frameworks and establishing processes for people’s engagement in communal service provision (outputs 2.1),
  • Making service users engaged in communal service planning and delivery (output 2.2).

 At the national level, the project will support the policy, legal and financial environment is favourable for quality public service provision and decentralization reform (outcome 3) by

  • Supporting informed policy dialogue and policy making process in relation to communal service provision (output 3.1),
  • Making the partner local self-government association capable to better represent its constituencies, engage in policy dialogue and provide support services to its members (output 3.2),
  • Ensuring that State Chancellery steers the Local Self-Government & decentralization reform (output 3.3).

The project encourages innovative approaches to communal services, cooperation between municipalities, and actions that will improve the operation and maintenance of the communal services. People will also be more involved in local decision-making and in monitoring service delivery in partner communities.

 Project sustainability will be secured through:

  • capacity building, technical assistance and peer exchange;
  • comprehensive and multi-level work at different levels;
  • drawing on the country systems;
  • application of flexible approach to the support partners capacity building and the decentralization reform;
  • supporting coordination and ensuring leverage;
  • use of the existing potential in the targeted partner municipalities.

Gender, inclusion, and anti-corruption are among transversal and strategic themes addressed by the project.

The project “MĂ IMPLIC” is funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by Skat (Switzerland). The project first phase is planned for 2019-2023 with the total project budget of 5’896’658CHF.