The experience of cooperation with partners of the MĂ IMPLIC project proves that the inventiveness and activeness of a leader are manifested in everything

The mayor of the Căplani village, partner municipality of the project in the field of providing street lighting, Mr. Valeriu Tabunșcic, is a prime example of this. 

Bringing light to the dark streets is not the only initiative of the municipality.

After discussing with the Community Initiative Team and project experts the issues related to the most efficient operation of the municipal enterprise, Mr. Valeriu Tabunșcic presented one of the other initiatives of the Căplani village – a recreation park “Gates of Paradise”.

In a beautiful hollow on the outskirts of the village, in a historical place where several springs have been gushing for centuries, the municipality has equipped a great recreation park, where tourists from Chisinau and other cities of Moldova come to rest. The Park continues to expand and replenish with interesting new locations.

Save this place to your travel list and know that, if you will visit Căplani in a couple of months, you will find brightly lit streets and a great recreation place for the entire family!

The project is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC and implemented by SKAT Consulting. According to the signed agreement, the municipality benefits from funding (maximum 65,000 CHF), consulting, and capacity building services. The Project MĂ IMPLIC helps the municipality and the service provider not only to improve the infrastructure but also to develop long-term approaches to keep this infrastructure in good shape and to have sustainable models for financing the provision of services. In our work, we ensure that local citizens, employees of LPAs, NGOs, economic agents are actively involved in modernizing public services in the community and especially that the less advantaged have equal access to these services.