The Community Initiative Team from Borogani knows exactly how the solid waste management service will work in their locality

In February 2021, the municipality of Borogani village signed the cooperation agreement with the project “MĂ IMPLIC”, to improve the solid waste management service in the locality. Since then, the Borogani community has successfully completed the activities of mobilization and community consensus, organized within the project, demonstrating a highly active social spirit. Through community mobilization activities, community members become aware of the problem of the lack or the unsatisfactory quality of the local solid waste management service, note that this issue is especially important for their lives, and decide together what steps are needed to solve it and act together.

Thus, during the needs mapping meeting, were presented the specifics of the project “MĂ IMPLIC”, was made the conceptual map of the community, were identified existing resources and problems in the locality, relevant to the project. The list of candidates to be invited to the Community Consensus Meeting was also drawn up, respecting the principle of inclusion of representatives from various regions of the locality and different segments of the population.

At the next meeting, the consensus was reached on the initiative of the municipality to modernize the public solid waste management service. The members of the Community Initiative Team (CIT) were elected by consensus. The consensus was reached on the choice of the person responsible for communication and promotion of activities within the community, the person responsible for logistics and organization, and of course, the CIT leader, being unanimously appointed the Mayor, Elena Savițchi. The steps to be taken in the process of improving the public solid waste management service in the village of Borogani have been clarified.

One of the most interesting and interactive activities was the Vision Development Workshop of the solid waste management service in the village. Participants explored the current situation in the field, described how they want this service to work in the future, and identified opportunities for the realisation. They formulated the team’s mission, objectives, developed the action plan, and identified potential solutions for potential risks.

“The team from Borogani managed to produce a very concrete and detailed plan of activities. It is gratifying that the number of participants in community meetings does not decrease over time, and the interest remains alive, the participants are very motivated to get involved to make life better in the locality. The meetings are interactive, they take place in a collegial format. Today, the team understands very well what communal service they want in their locality, so that all the inhabitants benefit from a quality service, managed transparently, at a reasonable price, based on the cooperation between the beneficiary and the provider. It even plans the selective collection of household waste and a campaign to educate locals in this regard. “, said Victoria Matveev, facilitator in the project “MĂ IMPLIC”.

In the period 2021-2023, the village Borogani will implement a project aimed to improve the solid waste management service, with the support of the Project “MĂ IMPLIC”, financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by SKAT Consulting. Following the signed agreement, the municipality will benefit from funding (maximum 65,000 CHF), consulting, and capacity building services. The Project “MĂ IMPLIC” will help the LPA and the service provider not only to improve the infrastructure but also to develop long-term approaches to keep this infrastructure in good shape and to have sustainable models for financing the provision of services. In our work, we will ensure that local citizens, employees of LPAs, NGOs, economic agents are actively involved in modernizing public services in the community and especially that the less advantaged have equal access to these services.