Partner municipalities of the ”MĂ IMPLIC” project are ready for the stage of the plan elaboration for the communal service improvement

Thirty localities/groups of localities are implementing in the period 2021-2023 projects designed to improve a communal household service, with the support of the “MĂ IMPLIC” project. During the last eight months, all communities had to realize a complex activity plan, with the voluntary involvement of citizens. Thus, in each community were formed Community Initiative Teams, which actively contributed to the achievement of the proposed goals: creating community consensus on the municipality’s initiative to modernize the communal service, developing the vision of service improvement, identifying the solution, communicating with citizens, conducting awareness campaigns and other.

One of the most important stages was the organization of the workshop on the selection of the service improvement solution. Within it, citizens had to conceptualize the model of the communal service in their locality, including with the support of the technical consultant, delegated by the “MĂ IMPLIC” project. Most communities have completed this activity successfully, which means that majority is ready for the next stage, namely the development of the communal service improvement plan. The plan will include priority objectives and actions, which will contribute to the creation/development of the service.

“Today we notice that the teams are more consolidated, they communicate more efficiently and actively with the citizens. The activities in the community are very well organized. Remarkably, the meetings with the technical consultants are thoroughly prepared, and the presentations are made in an accessible language so that any participant will better understand the advantages/disadvantages of the proposed technical solutions. As a result, citizens make decisions based on arguments and verified technical issues. ” – reports, Tudor Golub, community facilitator.

We’d like to remind, that as a result of the signed agreement, the partner municipalities will benefit from funding (maximum CHF 65,000), from the funds of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, but also from consulting and capacity building services. The “MĂ IMPLIC” project will help municipalities and service providers not only to improve the infrastructure but also to develop long-term approaches to keep this infrastructure in good shape and to have sustainable funding models for service delivery. In our work, we ensure that local citizens, LPA employees, NGOs, businesses are actively involved in modernizing public services in the community and especially that less advantaged people have equal access to these services. The “MĂ IMPLIC” project is implemented by the Swiss consulting company – SKAT Consulting.