Partner communities achieve beautiful results, thanks to the technical assistance, training, and support of the MĂ IMPLIC experts.

In the spring of this year, 728 municipalities entered the project competition for the “Satul European” National Program. Among the winning, priority local development projects in the period 2022-2023 are also the files of 30 LPAs, partners of the MĂ IMPLIC project.
The communities, with the support of the “Satul European” program, will improve or create new communal services and develop the local infrastructure. The projects cover various fields such as: water supply and sewage, street lighting, social infrastructure, renewable energy, restoration projects of historical monuments, cultural and sports activities.

Some municipalities have chosen to apply for Government support to co-finance investment projects. Thus, Nișcani and Capaclia obtained the necessary resources for the co-financing of the project implemented with the support of MĂ IMPLIC (street lighting and water supply, respectively).

The complete list of the 492 infrastructure projects selected by the Government of the Republic of Moldova to receive funding from the sources of the National Fund for Regional and Local Development (FNDRL) is available here.

We are very pleased with the success of the 30 partners of the MĂ IMPLIC project, and sincerely congratulate them on these achievements. The MĂ IMPLIC project team will continue to provide all the necessary support for strengthening the capacities of municipalities to become more efficient in their activity and more open, inclusive towards citizens.

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