Involvement and cooperation for better communal services in Loganesti and Stolniceni!

On February 17, 2022, the municipalities of Logănești and Stolniceni villages of Hâncești rayon, signed the Intercommunity Association Agreement on the creation of the Intercommunity Waste Management Service, within the Mă Implic project.

More details about this event can be found in the interview below:

Mr. Danu Valentin (mayor of Loganesti village), what is the benefit of this association agreement?

  • Both municipalities will finally be able to provide quality and sustainable services. Previously, this service existed, but it was provided by a local economic agent and we depended a lot on the tariffs and conditions established by him. The Intercommunity Association Agreement will allow us to create a strong Municipal Enterprise, which will provide services in both communities.

Mr. Sîrbu Sergiu (mayor of Stolniceni village), who initiated these association actions?

  • Ten years ago there were similar attempts at the regional level, but they failed. The mayor of Loganesti had the idea of ​​creating a Municipal Enterprise together with several municipalities, but we were the only ones who understood the opportunities of this association and accepted the invitation. Being in my first term as mayor in Stolniceni, I thought that now is the time to bring change to the community, by joining this project.

What were the prerequisites for this association? Did you have an inspiration model?

  • “I observed how the Municipal Intercommunity Enterprise from Ciuciuleni village has been working for several years. The municipalities that have joined benefit from the services of the same company, moreover this association has allowed them to profit from numerous financing opportunities. There is strength in numbers! This is how we understood that we alone will not be able to create a modern service for the citizens.”, Mr. Danu Valentin, mayor of Logănești.
  • “We, as a small municipality, could not to set up such a modern service, it was logical to look for opportunities to align ourselves with such an initiative. We have long wanted to be able to offer our citizens a quality, modern, and more ecological service for solid waste management ”, Mr. Sîrbu Sergiu, Mayor of Stolniceni.

How did the partnership with the Mă Implic Project help you accomplish this step?

  • – “The Mă Implic Project, as a partner, came with clear mechanisms and approaches; with technical consulting services at every stage of the project, without which I don’t know if we would have progressed so much. In particular, I want to note the role of our facilitator, Tudor Golub, who guided us throughout this journey. ”, Mr. Danu Valentin, Mayor of Logănești.

– “Through this project we conducted numerous public hearings, we received numerous proposals, we had a productive dialogue with citizens, which allowed us to have the support and involvement of citizens in carrying out this project”, Mr. Sîrbu Sergiu, Mayor of Stolniceni.

The municipalities of Logănești and Stolniceni villages, together with the citizens, make joint efforts to improve the communal solid waste management service in both localities, with the support of the Project “MĂ IMPLIC”. The project is financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by SKAT Consulting.  Following the signed agreement, the municipalities benefit from funding (maximum 65,000 CHF), consulting, and capacity building services. The Project “MĂ IMPLIC” will help the LPA and the service provider not only to improve the infrastructure but also to develop long-term approaches to keep this infrastructure in good shape and to have sustainable models for financing the provision of services. In our work, we make sure that local citizens, LPA employees, NGOs, economic agents are actively involved in modernizing public services in the community and especially that the less advantaged have equal access to these services.