Improving Local Governance in Moldova: 14 LPA groups, comprising 56 communities, benefit from support from the Government of Switzerland

14 LPA groups, comprising 56 communities in Moldova, will benefit from stronger local governance and increased access to quality public services, thanks to a project funded by the Government of Switzerland. The Project MĂ IMPLIC will provide support to local authorities and citizens to improve local administration, strategic planning, and public service delivery. Approximately 106.000 citizens in these communities will benefit from this initiative.

Following the competition launched in December 2023, the Project MĂ IMPLIC evaluated 58 applications and selected 14 groups of partner local public authorities (LPAs) from the North, Center, South, and Gagauzia regions for the second phase of the project, which will be implemented from 2024 to 2027. The complete list of selected groups is available at the link:

The project “MĂ IMPLIC” aims to contribute to strengthening local governance and increasing the population’s access to better public services.  The project will support partners at the local and national levels to improve local governance in three fundamental dimensions:

  • First-level LPA groups will be supported in the efficient management of resources and the promotion of sustainable and inclusive local development;
  • The government will be encouraged to promote and coordinate local public administration reform in an efficient, effective, and transparent manner;
  • Citizens in partner communities will be actively involved in the local governance process and will positively influence the quality of managed public services.

Local interventions in the partner LPA groups will include:

  • Technical assistance and support to strengthen cooperation between LPAs within partnerships, such as intercommunity cooperation or voluntary amalgamation.
  • Strengthening the capacities of LPAs in performing basic functions, such as governance and strategic planning, public finance management, and public service delivery.
  • Development and implementation of Service Improvement Plans and Operation and Maintenance Plans for managed services.
  • Allocation of grants ranging from 100,000 to 250,000 CHF (approx. 4.9 million lei), accompanied by a local contribution of at least 20% of the grant value, to facilitate the implementation of joint interventions in each LPA group.
  • Implementation of effective methods of citizen engagement in decision-making processes and local development initiatives, including grant awards for civil society organizations.

Artur MIJA, Secretary General of the Government of the Republic of Moldova: “The government’s priorities are clear: Moldova’s accession to the EU by 2030 and the construction of strong institutions capable of providing quality services for citizens and the business environment. We are confident that the Project MĂ IMPLIC will have a significant impact on the lives of citizens in the localities selected for Phase 2. By strengthening local governance, improving access to quality public services, and, not least, by encouraging citizen participation in decision-making processes, we will build a better country with genuine democracy, ready to achieve the national objective of EU accession by 2030.”

Olivier BÜRKI, Deputy Director of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova: “Switzerland emphasizes supporting local authorities, considering them essential in promoting reforms. By collaborating with them, our project will address the fragmentation of local governance and demonstrate the benefits of joint service delivery, aligning with the Republic of Moldova Government’s strategy to strengthen local administrative units.”



Matthias MORGNER, Team Leader of the Project MĂ IMPLIC: “To improve living conditions, we need more than just money. We must be visionary and creative to leverage the resources we already have, such as the people in our communities, collaboration with neighboring areas, and continuous learning.”

The Project MĂ IMPLIC is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by Skat Consulting from November 2023 to October 2027. The total budget for the second phase of the project is 6.9 million Swiss francs (CHF).
*The project covers the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova (excluding the administrative-territorial units on the left bank of the river Nistru).

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