Unveiling the challenges: 3rd edition of the Barometer on communal household services in Moldova

Local public authorities in the Republic of Moldova are responsible for organizing and providing citizens with communal household services. They rely on the rules and regulations set by the Government to carry out these important tasks.

On April 12, 2023, the MĂ IMPLIC project launched the 3rd edition of its report titled “Barometer of the main existing gaps, contradictions and constraints in the normative framework related to communal household services This report sheds light on the key issues faced by local authorities as they strive to improve and deliver community services.

The analysis offers an overview of the problems within the regulatory framework, presenting a format that facilitates the identification of priority areas for potential solutions. The project experts, Ion Beschieru (Public Administration and National Reforms Expert), Dorin Andros (Regional Development and Public Services Expert), and Diana Toma (Manager of Reforms and National Policies within the MĂ IMPLIC project), presented the main findings.

The barometer is the outcome of a comprehensive mapping exercise that involved documentary analysis, review of strategies, laws, decisions, studies, articles, and more. Additionally, interviews and discussions with relevant stakeholders such as representatives from central public administration authorities, mayors, local public administration representatives, service operators, and field experts were conducted. The goal was to identify gaps and discrepancies hindering the sustainable provision of quality and accessible communal services within communities. However, this study does not examine into structural and systemic issues unrelated to the normative framework, such as the lack of human and institutional capacities or insufficient financial resources.

Like previous editions, the analysis focused on two services: (1) water supply and sanitation, and (2) solid waste management. The latest edition of the Barometer assesses the trend and urgency of addressing the identified challenges in the years 2021, 2022, and 2023.

The event was attended by representatives from MĂ IMPLIC’s partner municipalities, the Ministry of the Environment, the National Energy Regulatory Agency, the Environment Agency, experts in the field of LPA and communal household services, representatives from development partners, and more. During the meeting, participants actively engaged in discussions and exchanged opinions.

The study is available for download on the “MĂ IMPLIC” project’s webpage, offering both the Romanian version and the English version.

The project on civic engagement in local governance “MĂ IMPLIC” aims at ensuring that the rural population of Moldova has equitable access to quality communal service provision. The project „MĂ IMPLIC” is financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by Skat Consulting Ltd.

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