Presentation event on the Perspectives of the e-platform for trainings and support services for LPAs and SPs

The major goal of the meeting is to ensure the participation and involvement of Local Public Authorities all through the development process of the e-platform for support services and expertise sharing. Victor Guzun, the consultant of the MĂ IMPLIC project, will present the results of the exercise of needs mapping related to support services and expertise in the activity of LPAs and service providers at the local level, and will also talk about the needs for capacity building of LPAs staff. At the same time, it will be discussed and agreed on the next necessary steps to develop and implement the platform.

The activity takes place in the framework of the cooperation agreement between Congress of Local Authorities Moldova (CALM) and the MĂ IMPLIC Project, in the chapter related to providing support for setting up an online platform for assistance and expertise for LPAs and community service operators.

CALM, being one of the national partners of the MĂ IMPLIC Project, is supported to strengthen its institutional capacities, to participate in the policy dialogue, as well as to diversify, and to provide support and assistance services to its members.