„MĂ IMPLIC” PROJECT FACT SHEET Phase 2 (2023-2027)

The project “MĂ IMPLIC” in Phase 2 aims to contribute to strengthening local governance and increasing the population’s access to better public services.

Through strategic interventions and collaborative efforts, the project seeks to achieve tangible outcomes across various domains of local administration  and community engagement.


The project will achieve all three outcomes through targeted interventions aimed at building capacity, fostering collaboration, and enhancing communication channels.

Outcome 1: Partner LPA Empowerment

Partner Local Public Administration (LPA) groups will manage resources and local development in a more sustainable, inclusive, and accountable way.

  • Output 1: Partner LPA groups will have the necessary capacities and skills to improve the performance of their core functions.
  • Output 2: Models for joint public service delivery produced by LPA groups will be available for replication

Outcome 2: Government-Led Reform

The project will support the Government in promoting and coordinating local governance reform in an efficient, effective, and transparent manner.

  • Output 3: Central authorities will have enhanced capacities to put in place the necessary policies, regulations, and instruments for the implementation of local governance reform.
  • Output 4: Central authorities will have instruments to improve communication between central and local levels on local governance reform for more transparency and broader public support.

Outcome 3: Community Engagement

People in partner communities will meaningfully engage in local governance processes and influence the provision of local public services.

  • Output 5: Members of partner communities will have capacities and mechanisms to participate in local decision-making processes and to hold LPAs and service providers accountable.


Implementation Period: Phase II: November 2023 – October 2027 (4 years)

Implementer: Skat Consulting Ltd.

Donor: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

Budget: 6.96 million Swiss francs

Partners: State Chancellery; Local Public Administrations (LPAs); Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry; Ministry of Finances.

Target Groups and Beneficiaries: 10 groups of partner Local Public Administrations (LPAs); Operators of communal management services; 70,000 citizens (the aggregated population of all partner LPAs)

Through these concerted efforts, the project aspires to foster sustainable development, inclusive governance, and improved public service delivery across partner communities, thereby contributing to the overarching objectives of enhanced local governance and public service accessibility.