Implementation and monitoring of Communal Service Improvement Plans by partner communities

The MĂ IMPLIC project organized a training and planning session for the eight community facilitators on July 13, 2022. Each locality-partner of the MĂ IMPLIC project benefits from the assistance of community facilitators at each intervention stage of the project. Now all 30 localities/groups of partner localities have reached the stage of implementing the Communal Service Improvement Plan, a document of major importance in organization and strategic planning in the field of municipal services.

The event had several objectives:

  • Identifying the progress of the partner communities in the implementation of the Communal Service Improvement Plans (SIP) and running the interventions: the organization of public procurement, citizen participation and public communication. Success factors and risks.
  • Presentation of the tools for coordinating the implementation process of the SIPs in the partner communities
  • Recommendations regarding the application of the monitoring tool in the partner communities based on the pilot exercise.

The training session also included the presentation of Mr. Lilian Danilov, Manager of civil society and civic involvement within the MĂ IMPLIC project, who presented the conclusions of the “Citizen Participation and Inclusive Governance” training program, which he recently attended in The Hague Academy for Local Governance.


The event was hosted by Căplani Municipality. Valeriu Tabunșcic, the mayor of Căplani village on this occasion presented the tourist objective “Porțile Raiului” (Heaven Gates) to the participants of the event. The tourist location was set up at the initiative of the mayor, who proposed to capitalize on the water springs at the edge of the village. A green park with benches, fountains and children’s playground, cold water pools, all designed with the involvement of every person in the community. A beautiful example of community mobilization, supported by the enthusiasm and determination of every citizen of the village.


We remind you that in the period 2021-2023, thirty localities/groups of localities are implementing projects aimed at improving the delivery of communal services, with the support of the “MĂ IMPLIC” project, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by SKAT Consulting. Full list of partner LPAs available here.