Communal services in 12 rural communities are launched with the support of the MĂ IMPLIC project

All 30 town halls / groups of town halls, partners of the MĂ IMPLIC project, are making steady progress in implementing the Service Improvement Plans (PISC), developed, and approved within the project. This document is part of the Grant agreement, signed by the Partner Municipalities with the MĂ IMPLIC project.

According to this document, Municipalities carry out numerous activities aimed at improving communal services. Communities go through this process at a different pace, each with its own distinctive characteristics, so the progress is different from one partner to another. To date, most partners have succeeded in:

🗹 ensuring the legal regulation for creation and delegating the communal service

🗹 completing two stages of procurement for equipment and services

🗹 securing additional funding for project realization

🗹 ensuring legal regulations regarding service financing and tariff policies

🗹 conducting citizen satisfaction surveys for communal services

🗹 engaging citizens in informational, educational, and mobilization activities to organize and maintain the communal service.

🗹 signing contracts with citizens and successfully launching the communal service

As of May 1, 2023, the following partner communities have made notable progress with the support of the MĂ IMPLIC project:

  • Twelve communities have launched new/improved solid waste management services: Andrușul de Jos, Borogani, Chircăiestii Noi, Dezghingea, Domulgeni, Feștelita, Fundurii Vechi, Gura Galbenei, Pelivan, Risipeni, Sudarca and Valea Perjei
  • Căplani, Nișcani, Selemet have initiated new/improved public street lighting services
  • Other seven communities have completed capital investments and constructions for municipal water supply services Bădiceni, Biesti, Capaclia, Ciuciuleni, Dîngeni, Satul Nou, Vorniceni. In these communities, the Municipality and the Communal Services Operator will carry out the proposed activities according to the SIP and identify additional funding to complete the water supply project in the locality and ensure 100% of the residents have access to drinking water.
  • Ongoing technical works are being carried out in Ciorești, Copceac, Leușeni, Sculeni, these four are improving the Communal sewerage service.

The MĂ IMPLIC project team is closely monitoring the implementation of PISC in the 30 local intervention projects, and the results of the most recent monitoring are included in this infographic. It aims to inform the partners about the current situation in all local intervention projects, so that each partner can see what its progress is and where it is necessary to speed up actions.

The Project is with the Partner Municipalities at every stage of the PISC implementation, offering technical advice to communal service operators and Municipalities. More the project helps the Municipalities not only to improve the local infrastructure, but also to develop sustainable approaches and models to maintain this infrastructure and ensure the sustainability of the services provided in the community.

Skat Consulting is mandated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) to implement the “MĂ IMPLIC” project on civic engagement in local governance, which ensures that the rural population of the Republic of Moldova has fair access to quality communal services. Thus, in the period 2021-2023, thirty localities/groups of localities implement projects aimed at improving the delivery of communal household services.

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