A Promising Start for Partner Local Public Authorities (LPA)!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the first activities under the Project MĂ IMPLIC in the partner communities, aimed at supporting local public authorities (LPA) in the efficient administration of public services and promoting local development in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

🎯 A crucial step on the agenda for partner LPAs is the Organizational and Functional Capacity Assessment of local public administration. The activity is carried out using the FOCAS assessment tool, evaluating the following areas:

  1. Organizational and strategic planning capacity
  2. Service delivery
  3. Financial management
  4. Citizen participation and transparency
  5. Project management
  6. Human resources

📈 The main objective of using the FOCAS tool is to assess the basic capacities of LPAs in efficiently managing and providing public services, as well as identifying areas for improvement. This activity encourages dialogue among local authority specialists and allows for effective planning and monitoring of progress made, as well as identifying areas that need improvement.

🤝 The assessment exercise is conducted using the FOCAS (Functional and Organizational Capacity Assessment) tool, created by Tetra Tech International Development Services and used by the USAID Comunitatea Mea Program. This collaboration has demonstrated how the resources and expertise of international projects can be effectively combined to bring positive changes to local communities.

📑 One of the expected outcomes following the FOCAS assessment is the development and implementation of an action plan focused on the priority improvement areas for each LPA. Thus, LPA teams will be able to adjust organizational and functional systems to address specific community issues.

📚 The FOCAS methodology is recommended for application by the State Chancellery. The FOCAS user guide can be accessed here: FOCAS Guide https://cancelaria.gov.md/ro/apc/instrumentul-de-analiza-capacitatii-organizationale-si-functionale-focas

We remind you that 14 groups of LPAs from Moldova will benefit from stronger local governance and increased access to quality public services, thanks to the support of the Project MĂ IMPLIC, funded by the Government of Switzerland and implemented by Skat Consulting. The project “MĂ IMPLIC” in Phase 2 aims to contribute to strengthening local governance and increasing the population’s access to better public services. The project will provide support to local authorities and citizens to improve local administration, strategic planning, and public service delivery. This initiative will bring benefits to approximately 106,000 citizens in these communities.

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