A new practical guide for local public authorities, developed by the Mă Implic project

Improving the physical infrastructure is an important issue that needs special attention but improving the provision of communal services also requires an adequate regulatory framework at the local level, as well as the correct legal and institutional organization of the communal service provision.

Following the documentation visits of the legal consultant of the Mă Implic Project in the partner communities, it was found and confirmed that most of the rural municipalities do not have qualified staff (lawyers, engineers, experts) to ensure the development, approval and periodic updating of local regulations and other legal documents, necessary for the organization and operation of public communal services. In many localities, the legal acts are outdated, completely missing or not comply with the provisions of the current legislation.

This guide was developed to support the development and adoption of local regulations for the organization and operation of public communal services.

The aim of this document is to provide legal information in an accessible, well-organized, and concise format. The document includes recommendations, practical information, and samples of documents necessary for the formalization / correct organization from a legal point of view of the creation and operation of public services.

The document is available in Romanian and can be downloaded here: https://ma-implic.md/download/ghid-elaborarea-si-adoptarea-regulamentelor-locale-privind-organizarea-si-functionarea-serviciilor-publice-de-gospodarie-comunala/

The project on civic engagement in local governance – MĂ IMPLIC, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC and implemented by Skat Consulting Ltd, provides support to local public authorities in 30 localities / groups of partner LPAs, to organize the provision of communal services in a participatory, efficient, inclusive and sustainable way.